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“TOKYO PIANO” is Masahiro Hiramoto’s new piano album that is collaborating the sounds of upright piano and noises in his daily life in Tokyo. The upright piano is the instrument that is nearest one by him that he plays and that seems to be one of his body. The noises are field-recorded around areas where he usually goes to and lives in Tokyo. This album shows the TOKYO through a filter of himself by these 2 elements. Talking about this kind of work, he is planning to record noises at another areas and in another countries that consist of UK, Germany, Sweden, U.S., etc. This time, it is the first album “TOKYO PIANO” ! Only sales by mp3, about 150MB ! 東京で採取した音とアップライトピアノがミックスされたピアノ曲集「TOKYO PIANO」 平本自身が日々、生活し活動する中で訪れた東京の様々な場所で フィールドレコーディングを行い、集めた音を聴きながら作曲、演奏、録音。 そのようにして生まれた曲を再び東京の音とミックスすることで完成した。 「TOKYO PIANO」はまさに平本というフィルターを通して、”東京のいま”を表現するピアノ曲集。 ※mp3データでの販売です。約150MBあります。